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Mental and performance training for athletes and coaches

ABOUT international center

Turn your mind into a high performance processor.


My name is Pedro Gormaz, although professionally I am called Peter Coaching.My goal is:

"To Increase Performance".


As a competitor, I became National Coach by the Royal Spanish Taekwondo Federation and International Coach level 2 by the World Taekwondo Federation. I am also Master in Mentalcoaching high performance and director of the International Taekwondo & Mentalcoah Center. Through our methodology and experience, we accompany athletes and coaches to prepare them to perform at their best with effectiveness and efficiency.


Increasing performance is possible by training under pressure. Athletes will be prepared for the demands of competition by training attention and processing speed.


When you train with our methodology you are able to process solutions faster and be more focused to make the best decisions.


meet the team


Mr. pedro gormaz

CEO of the International Taekwondo & Mentalcoah Center, head competition coach of the Indian Athena Club in their Olympic preparation of their top athlete and Advisor to the Iraq Olympic Committee for their development of training under pressure.


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Estadio deportivo

"The mental coaching work is very entertaining because of the variety of each session and it is also very productive and effective. 

And the training under pressure work is something that changed my way of seeing things, and from then on I was able to see things that I didn't see before,

the progressive change is remarkable."

raul martin